People all over the world have a slight obsession with things that exist beyond our mundane experience. I always like to put people at ease around the topic by explaining simply that, "Magic is just science that has yet to be explained." We have so many examples of things that don't yet make sense by science, and yet they exist clearly as a truth. How, for examples do aboriginal tribes in Australia telepathically communicate with each other about where to find water? Why do so many people have the experience of seeing a ghost/spirit? How do Tai Chi masters use so little physical exertion while completely obliterating their opponent, or Qi-Gong masters able to start things aflame with their qi? Similarly bodyworkers, and healers all over the world need just a hand on, glance at, conversation with, or even just tune into their clients and they can help them recover from all sorts of physical, emotional, and spiritual stagnations, and barriers.

Sure call it magic, but in todays world that won't get us very far in explaining it to people who need something more solid than that. I was speaking to a friend about this who thinks that our nervous system has far reaching tendrils and can feel a lot more than just our inner aspects. 'Messages in Water' by Dr. Emoto show his research on how a water molecule looks completely different based on words, or prayers said over the water. All contorted if negative words are said over it, and beautifully crystalline with positive words... WE are comprised of so much water that our thoughts really must have a big sway over our emotions, and even physical bodies. 

After returning from a qi-gong retreat I co-hosted with my friend Eli ( who has studied with people who can start things on fire with their qi (it's true! Take it or leave it.), I went to my acupuncturist who felt a noticeable increase in my qi-reserve which is exactly what this retreat was focused on. 

Finally, as a bodyworker I see patterns of how emotion, and trauma is stored in the body. I can see a whole spectrum of things based on how someone simply gestures toward someone else, and then see if that's having a negative impact on the person and help them move those things through their bodies so they can develop a healthier relationship with 'Self'. I believe that although this is somewhat it is also relatively teachable as are all of these things, and more that I haven't mentioned.

Magic is just the realms in which we haven't yet gained scientific proof of, and maybe never will. There are things that we cannot explain, and maybe through enough silence, and stillness in meditation we can know these things for ourselves, but ultimately does it really matter?! If we can use these abilities to help out one another who cares if there's proof? We are helping each other heal in this sometimes very challenging world. 

What is comes down to is our own ability to connect with certain things. If crystals are something you know how to connect with DO it. If you are super attuned to knowing where other peoples' things are, or what they're thinking, chances are you have a gift, use it! I think first, and foremost that if you know how to teach these things, then you have something very special to offer the world, I for one want to teach what I know, and would LOVE others to come forth and help me light the path to people seeing the magic within themselves.

What's your experience of this?