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Each session is designed specifically for you. No one session is ever alike, and that is what keeps this work interesting, engaging, and present to your wants, and needs. The kind of bodywork I do incorporates a broad range of techniques that I have picked up over the years. You can find out more about these techniques on my about page, or just scroll down.

Looking forward to our session together!



I’ve worked with several massage therapists but Alexander is truly outstanding. His work is nearly spiritual. You can feel that he truly loves his craft.
- Dana L.

Bodywork involves both the practitioner, and the receiver working together to help release stored tension patterns physically, and emotionally. I explain to people that bodywork is a two-way street, and I can only go as far as you as the receiver is willing.

The modalities used to engage in this work are vast, and therefore no one way to explain how the work is done. However, breath, sound, concentration, trust, listening to your body (as well as learning how), and commitment to your well-being are key elements to this work.

While bodywork can look, and feel a lot like massage therapy, and even includes many of the same modalities, bodywork offers another realm of somatic therapy that massage often lacks. Usually pressure is medium to deep, and sometimes the body is asking for something a lot more gentle in order to release in a specific way.

 In short, bodywork is a two-way journey that requires an effort on both ends that produces a deeper, and more aware knowledge of self, released physical, and emotional tension, and offers new tools to maintain, and improve our sense of self. 


My breathwork session with Alex was unparalleled. I had no idea I could have the experience I did. It was unspeakably beautiful...I don’t think I could have let myself go there with someone other than Alex.
-Oleyinka F.

Breathwork is a powerful tool that promotes a hyper sense of self-awareness. Sessions are 2.5-3 hours in length. These sessions are one-on-one although sometimes offered in group format. The beginning of the process is an explanation of the work, and how to breath, as well as answer any questions you may have. The breathing usually lasts 90 minutes, and I am there encouraging your breath, and keeping you focused. The end is some silent time so you can slowly re-embody, and process your experience, followed by sharing, and processing your experience if you choose. Do not plan on anything major, and do not operate any heavy machinery after a session.

Breathwork may sound to some like something you do all the time anyway, or even have experienced in a yoga class, or in meditation; this, however, is very different, and in many cases, quite intense. In the altered state that breathwork offers many people re-experience traumatic events, or have certain peak emotions highlighted. I am there to guide you through it, hold you in it, and help you to stay present amidst what often feels like chaos.

On the other end of these sessions, people are left feeling vulnerable, and elevated. In some cases completely ecstatic and in others like they just had a 3 day cry.

This is not for the weak of heart and I require a conversation on phone or in person prior to this work.

Yoga|Movement Lesson

I’m a really inflexible person, and I primarily came to Alex for bodywork, but he has opened me up to the world of Yoga in a really approachable way. I’ve probably gained more from having Alex give me private yoga instruction than from the bodywork, which is crazy, because his bodywork is out of control amazing.
-Corey L.

Often times after a bodywork session, I advise a maintenance plan to help keep the work we've done together. Unfortunately, there is seldom enough time to go over the array of things that will help. This is where a yoga/movement lesson comes in as being highly beneficial. 

Outside of bodywork, many people are interested in improving their practice, creating a home practice, or even learning different styles of yoga in order to improve upon the things they've already learned. 

There are so many practices, all or many of which can be incorporated into a daily practice/ritual to help support, and maintain a person's health and well-being. I use a combination of various styles of yoga, chi-gong (healing form of tai-chi), somatic therapeutic movement,movement/postural analysis,  assisted stretching, breathwork, visualization techniques, and more. 

My specialty is in Yin yoga, which incorporates passive (no muscle engagement) poses, held for 3-15 minutes at a time. This is also a modality that works through the meridians used in Chinese Medicine, by which access is given to the vital organs of the body as well.


Nutrition Coaching

There are a lot of bonuses to having Alex as your bodyworker, and one of the big ones that he doesn’t tell you he’s going to give you is a TON of advice about herbs and food.
-Joseph F.

There are various ways we can learn to eat better, more mindfully, healthier. As Hippocrates states, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Incorporating such a simple spice such as Turmeric (my personal favorite!) can greatly reduce inflammation, one of the main causes of disease in the body!

There are also a number of herbs that we have immediate access to, that can help us focus, stay calm, sleep better, digest better, and heal quicker! I want to offer this knowledge to as many as possible so we can learn less reliance on otherwise useless prescription medications.

Sometimes, just coming up with a realistic plan for healthy eating is all that's needed. Or recipes to aid you as you begin a new dietary regimen.

So many people are under the impression that eating healthy means eating 'gross', which couldn't be further from the truth!  Eating well can be fun, and completely improve the physical, mental, and emotional body. 


Work with Stored Emotion and Trauma

Before I met Alex I had no idea I was even holding on to trauma, or even that I had experienced a trauma! It was all hidden to me. After working with him in just 4 sessions not only have I discovered some of my traumas but have already begun to heal them!
-Sarah G.

This is a specific area of interest to me, and my work. We all have various forms of stored emotion and trauma. Some of us are told at a young age we can't emote, or express, so it ends up being suppressed and can even act out as disease in the body. Others of us have had very physical, or emotional traumatic experiences that creates a deadened sense of self, or a dynamic trigger that seems too overwhelming to breech on our own. By using various tools that I've developed, and learned over time (like somatic experiencing), together, we can help you to overcome those traumas, and gain access to emotions you haven't had access to, as well as give you a restored sense of strength, love, and strength, and love of self. 

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